Thursday, January 12, 2006

More New York photos

I am posting some more photos from the recent New York trip, this time of a more personal character.

First of all, some exhibits from the Met.

The following is a classical Greek head, which I found curiously dramatic and with a very modern feel, the face half-covered with a veil seemingly blown by the wind.

donna velata

Two of my favourite paintings by Courbet.

I luv Courbet

Closely observed Pollock.


A stained glass window from Prague, from the time it was the imperial capital (of the Holy Roman Empire).

prague window

A miserable looking flag of the Vatican, soaked in the rain.

wet flag

Looking out from the Skylight diner.


Two shots from Central Park.



More truths about sex, life and the like from a bookshop shelf (click to enlarge):


From the International Center of Photography shop.

arrested motion

Skating in Bryant Park.


Red carpet in Bloomingdale's.

red Bloomie's

The following three are exhibits from the MoMA exhibition on safety in design and design for safety, "Safe: Design takes on risk". The first is a set of stickers to protect us from overexposure to TVs and PCs.

get a life

The second is quite touching, a low elevated pedestal emitting heat and light for street-walking sex workers to stand and rest on, providing comfort and a sort of 'safe space' for them. I found this a very touching piece of design because it bears witness to (unfortunately limited in our societies) sensitivities for the weak. The symbolic and, maybe, also practical significance of a space like this becomes even more relevant in a world swept by trafficking and sex trade (perhaps slavery for our times).

light warmth

What the following is is evident and, at first blush, very funny. My mirth was curbed when I learnt that it can be a life-saving device for populations, especially African women, unfamiliar with the subtleties of latex rolling on impatient members. In other words, the thingy below can contribute to the correct putting on of a condom, 'correct' here entailing the difference between life and AIDS. Intriguingly sobering.

put it on

Finally, nostalgically and with love, the reading room of the New York Public Library.


I will have to tell you about New Yorkers some other time, I now have work to do (yes, at home).


Blogger buruburu said...

Nice set of photos, I don't mean just pretty pictures, but your choice is interesting and so is the photography, to my eye anyway. I'll be coming back here.

12/1/06 23:55  
Blogger deviousdiva said...

I also found this post moving and intriguing. I love your take on the world around you. Great stuff.

13/1/06 09:16  
Blogger The SeaWitch said...

With your latest pics of NYC you've posted, you've got the best photoblogs I've seen. I just wish you would post more. Thanks for sharing 'your' NY with us. :-)

14/1/06 09:09  
Blogger Loxias said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I am not a photographer (not even an amateur one), so thanks once more.

In response to emails, the pedestal thing is called 'Hot Box' and it sinks back into the pavement when not in use. There are plans to have some of these installed in Barcelona.

Thanks for sharing 'your' NY with us.

As is evident, the pleasure was all mine.

14/1/06 14:26  
Anonymous Pota said...

The pedestal thing is amazing-- sort of like a glorified ball and chain, eh? A panoptiicon of sorts?

16/1/06 14:16  
Blogger Loxias said...

A panopticon or a podium, providing warmth (crucial...), visibility and a point of vantage? Have you checked the exhibition's site?

'eh'? As in Canadian 'eh'? ;-)

16/1/06 14:35  

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