Sunday, January 08, 2006

Leaving Manhattan

I was planning a series of posts when I was there. One for each day. They would be numbered and be named something boisterous, like New York Chronicles, or so. Still, a few hours ago I told Jorge:
"I do not know what to write about the trip. Or the city."
"Don't worry, it will all ooze out in time."
"But I do want to post something on New York now!"
"Well, just post some pictures."

Same old kind of advice. But I followed it. So, here.

First, the obligatory shot of Times Square.

times sq

Tango behind a shop window, advertising some show.


Looking up from Bryant Park.

bryant pk

A virtual convergence (?), from the Lower East Side.


However, some Americans seem to have got it right (from the Coliseum bookshop).

religion science

Our favourite New York landmark.


More of the 'alzarsi perpendicolarmente' business here.


A view from Brooklyn Bridge,

from the bridge

and another one.

from the bridge 2

An urban landscape from within MoMA,

from MoMA

and from Central Park.

from Central Park

Pure Upper West Side.

pet coiff

The Angel of Bethesda (also known as 'I, I, I...')


Ascending Guggenheim crowds:


Views from the Empire State Building.

Looking Northwest, to Times Square.

vol d'oiseau

Looking Northeast, to the Chrysler Building and Queens.

vol d'oiseau 2

Looking Southwest, towards Chelsea.

to chelsea

Looking down.

i am batman

Finally, I think the quote of this trip is by Jod, while waiting for the subway and as a response to a Chinese fiddle playing in the station:

"This music makes me wanna pee."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


(the scyscrapers of A)

8/1/06 14:38  
Blogger Cordia said...

Can I just die in complete jealousy? In one year you managed to visit one of my hometowns (N-u-T) and then one of my alltime favourite cities that cannot stop but take my breath away each time I see its skyline.

Ah, bagels and creamcheese, and accents frmo Queens, and hot dog trucks, and apple martini, and Jewish dehlis, aaaaaaaaaaa... and new yorkers are FAAAbulous. And New York is great.

I am dying of jealousy. Just totally disintegrating.

9/1/06 15:28  
Blogger Loxias said...


Apple Martinis, bagels with cream cheese and the fabulous Skylight diner (34th East at 9th Ave.) are exactly the reason I need to go to the gym so bad right now...

9/1/06 16:35  
Blogger buruburu said...

Again, nice photography, the religion vs science one cracked me up, excellent photo. Well done.

12/1/06 23:58  

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