Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wolf's Medea

Last night we went to the theatre, to a world class adaptation of Christa Wolf's Medea as a dramatic monologue, at the Principality Theatrical Organisation's small "experimental" stage. It was one of the most intelligent, profound, powerful and harrowing pieces of theatre Jod has ever seen (she knows so much more on the topic than I do, but I wholly agree). The play was minimally but solidly directed and acted, foregrounding the many themes subtly enfolded within Wolf's majestic but intimate text: if it had opened in English in London or New York, the world would have been raving the following day. Congratulations to the Principality Theatrical Organisation, they've done it once more and we are planning to go back to watch it again. Pure delight on a Wednesday evening, rare and precious.

Then we went for sushi. Yum. Great tuna sashimi.


Blogger dom said...

Great site :)
Not sure I like sushi though ... I prefer my food to be cooked ha !
Please visit mt site and leave me a Bouvet island flag, they do have one right ?
I have 104 country's visited so far :)

10/12/05 03:18  
Blogger Loxias said...

On Bouvet Island the flag of Norway is used.

More on it, here.


10/12/05 12:02  

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