Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Three themes

In case you thought all is well in the Outpost because I keep silent about it, well, it is on a personal level. But look at these themes, too:

One of the Seven told us on Sunday that she closed the account with the Principality's Housing Finance Corporation she's had since she was a teenager. Naturally, the purpose of having an account with them is in order to secure (better terms for) a mortgage from them. Only that the Corporation will only sell mortgages to married couples. "Hang on, maybe they give priority to married couples", said Jod, holding fast on her cappuccino. "No, they used to sell mortgages to everyone eligible, but now they officially only lend to married couples." It's really hard for me to believe this, but if it is true...

BBC recently 'quoted anonymous local commentators suggesting' (= "pointed out") that local politicians need to come to grips with the Principality no longer being a superpower (it used to be during the Bronze Age, well, mutatis mutandis, and then those blasted Phoenicians took over world trade -- and do not get us started on the Egyptians) and with the world having other business to attend to besides the problems of a tiny place with a population less than one million. This is an appalling point of view. It's called realism.

The sinister Nomenclature that be are trying not to promote someone I know and who is worthy of promotion (the ad hoc committee freely and unreservedly suggested so). See, she is a
a. foreign
b. unmarried
c. woman.
Hence, she is without patrons. She is too intelligent. She does not pay lip service to any of the three (four?) factions in the department she works in. Hence, she has gained no patrons. She was given outside responsibilities and serious duties too quickly, due to merit. She is hard-working. Hence, she is coveted and feared. The Nomenclature people told her that much; they (or anyone else here) are not very subtle.


Blogger The SeaWitch said...

Your writing held me hostage for the better part of this morning. I have just read your ENTIRE blog. Every last post. (You'll know this is true from my comments to posts you've written months ago.) And, as you promised, my suspicions were confirmed as to where you actually live. I especially love your 'shop photos'. I thoroughly enjoyed your observations and insights and have added you to my "Recommended Blogs" section.

8/10/05 12:18  
Blogger Loxias said...

Honoured. Through and through.

8/10/05 12:45  
Blogger The Passenger said...

Shit! Another blogger who fell for your one-sided approach to Outpost matters.

A pity :)

8/10/05 14:29  
Blogger The Passenger said...

I still love your blog though :)

9/10/05 04:05  

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