Thursday, September 22, 2005


For some days now, a fluorescent green praying mantis has been loitering on the shared patio in front of the house. A welcome presence, quiet and standing still, it looks like a piece of quirky design, maybe Spanish or something dreamt up by Tatlin. I closed the door behind me absent-minded on my way to the gym, expecting yet another balmy evening. But not. There was an almost cool, autumnal breeze instead, perhaps heralding the changing of seasons appropriately. The neighbourhood was calm and homely, through an open french window I peeked at a woman in her nightgown folding clothes into a drawer inside a Hammershøi-lit ugly bare bedroom. I arrived at the gym to find it eerily empty.

"Where's everyone?" I asked G52
"No idea. Maybe the changing weather", she said.


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