Thursday, September 15, 2005


eleS was complaining a few days ago that having sat for, say, three hours, through a discussion among Outpost men, you would be left with absolutely no idea of what they had been talking about. It is true: discussions among them are primarily repeated reciprocations of teasing, commentary on text messages exchanged in real time and, maybe, minimal grunting remarks on football, cars, immigrants, women. Crucially, they make longish pauses to vigorously scratch their genitals in public. Actually, they systematically and openly do that, whether sitting down or walking from / to their car (they do not otherwise walk); eleS burst out laughing at a demonstration I gave her.

At this point I could tell you about the relentless, pompous and loud-mouthed know-all rant that a conversation among Compatrido men consists of, but that would be too boring. No conversation skills here, either.


Blogger The Passenger said...

One would think that you would at least make generalisations that attempt to paint a picture of the outpost and its people that is closer to the (whole) truth rather than to what you want to present as the truth.

In the past you used to pick on stuff that were largely true.Now I get the impression that you no longer care if what you write it true or not,as long as it sounds negative in order to make you feel better.

20/9/05 03:05  
Blogger Loxias said...

as long as it sounds negative in order to make you feel better.

What an odd idea.

20/9/05 13:19  

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