Monday, July 11, 2005

...praeter necessitatem

Strange people, Outposters. First you claim they "lack in clever wit or warmth of emotion". Then you complain about pretty much everything, in effect calling them hypocrites passim. Not an eyelid bats. Recently you actually curse them, for %^@$#@*'s sake, and they applaud. You do the above in all honesty and seriousness, too.

Still, if you engage into some fancy role-playing, pretending you are some sort of social scientist dissecting their 'realities', and call them 'peasants', trouble ensues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're the one stuck on the forbidden word, methinks. I was talking about the tone of the post, which sounded paternalistic. Not that single word, the whole post. And when it comes to the word, not with the connotations Outposters attach to it, but with the connotations you attached to it (jokingly or otherwise). Does that help to explain why the other posts didn't receive such comments while this one did?

12/7/05 11:02  

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