Monday, June 27, 2005

Three easy pieces

The great passions of this small land: kids, houses, food, chauvinism. Houses: Last Saturday, Yu's husband told us apologisingly four times how small their new house is (it is not), after having given us a tour of it.

Elective affinities: Last Friday, at a live music scene, where PhiPhil (in his mid twenties), who both pH and myself have worked with in the past, plays electric guitar. The following day, in a garden party, a bunch of 50-somethings, succoured by some 30-somethings, grab an acoustic guitar and start strumming and singing. The same morose, sometimes even morbid, Compatrido ballads and slow dance pieces in both cases. In all cases, maybe the appeal of almost grandiose lyrics and certainly the overflow of pathos and feeling.

The art of divination? During daytime, it is hot outside. There are many tell-tale signs, one of them is the kitchen cupboard crammed with the mugs stored in it. Usually the mug space in the cupboard is more comfortable, as at least two of them would be drying on the dish rack at any given time. But it's been a long time since we've had a hot drink.

At night, a welcome breeze, coming god knows from where.


Blogger The Passenger said...

I have to admit I do like melancholic Compatrido songs although I think morbid is a bit over-the-top :)

27/6/05 04:52  

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