Thursday, June 16, 2005

Simple pleasures

Succesfully furnishing everyday life can be very difficult. One of the ways to do this is to seek the company of others, especially interesting others. Last night we went to the Climber and the Designer's place. The Climber is a mountain climber (Himalayas and all) and a gym owner and an insurance agent. The Designer designs jewellery and works in a bank, which is what cool people seem to do here.

They were very relaxed, in a relaxed home where their kids -- one of them a teenager, a friend they are putting up, his kid, the Nepalese domestic helper and a number of funny-looking shy cats all floated around in grace and harmony. The friend, Co. Meath, is the fabled Irishman who opened the first real café in the Outpost in the distant past, as early as 1999. Before that, and him, there were only touristy cafes here, also serving full English breakfasts and pasta (you can have a glimpse at a sample here), but no tiramisu, (good) espresso or brownies... His café is still among the best in the Capital, although overpopular with local characters of the more colourful sort (car keys on the table, designer sunglasses, excess of makeup, latest mobile on the table, ugly looks expensively pampered, no conversation, forced coolness, dodgy fashion choices), thus avoided. Co. Meath now runs a Knightsbridge café, so not bad at all.

Takeaway, a football match, chatting, jewellery samples, mosquito stories from New Zealand (they are very aggressive there) and here (they are not so aggressive here), Co. Meath remembering the celebrities who have patronised his Knightsbridge place (he once taught Bon Jovi a lesson in punctuality and served three cappuccinos to Michael Caine, Roger Moore and Sean Connery, who were having a break together): the evening passed quickly and pleasantly.


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