Monday, June 06, 2005


The dark green land, due to the extensive and dense forests punctuated by snow, especially when viewed from an approaching plane, is Norway. The trip there was, again, on business; to Trondheim. I have some pictures for you, with brief commentary.

The main landmark of the beautiful city is its Cathedral, where St. Olaf (the patron saint of the country) is buried.

Trondheim Cathedral

The rest of the city centre looks like this:

Trondheim generique

and this:


It is as beautiful as it looks, although all the nastiness (malls, industrial estates etc.) is actually tucked away behind the forested hills...

The view from my hotel room, at midnight was the one below. Don't be fooled by the workings of digital photography; the light was enough to read a newspaper.

Midnight hotel window

The city sky is full of seagulls; sadly, one of them did not make it:

dead seagull

Bicycles were everywhere, as well, on the pavements mostly. One bike shop sported this nazi-looking brand sign, of an, apparently Danish, bike company:

sinister sign

The city gallery, from a slightly 'Hammershøi' point of view:

Hammershøi revisited

The days I spent there were graduation days, for both schoolkids,

graduation day

and students.

graduation day II


Blogger dystropoppygus said...

I have no pictures from Oslo, except the "official" ones from the conference's organizers. Oslo has mythical status in our family: following my short stay there that June (and my unbelievable consumption of more than a ton of prawns), my son was 'conceived'.

Did you visit the town-hall?

7/6/05 10:12  
Blogger Loxias said...

It was Trondheim, not Oslo.

So, prawns are an aphrodisiac, after all. ;-)

7/6/05 11:08  
Blogger Francis S. said...

And while there may be something SS-ish about that sign, I think they're actually trying to copy the look of runes...

The big question is, however, did the place live up to your high expectations...?

8/6/05 17:40  
Blogger Loxias said...

I think they're actually trying to copy the look of runes...

Just like the SS logo itself...


10/6/05 10:53  

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