Friday, June 10, 2005

The need for beauty

I have been wanting to post images of beauty here for some time, for the benefit of us all. As I am not really a nature lover, I belong to those who feel beauty is primarily that of the human body. Nevertheless, I would not really post pictures of nudes, given that most of them are copyrighted (to others, obviously). Not to mention that a blog featuring nudes on top of fictionally named real places and people, funerals, lazy film reviews, anecdotes, rant, casual observations, online tests, music suggestions, daily musings and whatever else there is to be found in here, would only make this place even weirder. Can I afford this? Not really, after Big T (hello uncle!) called this blog "eccentric".

The above need to post images of beauty this evening found a confluence with a trickling sense of guilt for always portraying the Outpost as a grotesque, ugly and nasty place. I felt I had to partly make up for this. So, I turned back to landscapes, Outpost landscapes, to present you the following pictures.

empty yard


no audience




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