Saturday, June 18, 2005


Just came back from a trip to Big Resort, where we were invited to join some colleagues of Jod's to a fish restaurant. Because we woke up at noon (see below why), we rang them to say we would only make it for coffee. "That's all right, fine, cool, see you." On our way there, they texted us to find them at the fish restaurant, so we thought they would be waiting for us to move on to a cafe.

Once we arrived there, a series of facts (or 'realities', as they like to call them here) became evident: First of all, many more people than just the colleagues had just had lunch, coffee and dessert. We sat at the table but we were not introduced to anyone, this is common here: people do not introduce if it involves even the slightest bother -- everybody who is anybody is somebody's cousin, after all. Then, nobody addressed us, not even Jod's colleagues (with whom we had gone out before) and everyone continued doing what they were up to: texting, playing games on their mobile, ordering more water, coffee and ice cream, staring at the infinity through the glaringly bright balmy atmosphere. All this, against the relentless drone of a fat guy (who turned out to be the owner of the fish restaurant) going on for the total of 90 minutes we spent there, talking utter and complete rubbish to the half of the table that he found worth addressing. Actually, it was Antonia, a 4 year old, who asked Jod to go have a look at the pelicans with her (there were two pet pelicans next door). Then Antonia asked me to go see the pelicans with her, as well. Then I spent an hour or so staring blankly, waiting for someone of those who had invited us to talk to me or Jod (so that I can join into the discussion). No luck. For the first time in many years, I got so angry and frustrated in a social gathering, I was ready to cry in public. Why the hell did they invite us there anyway? Antonia saved me again, by summoning me to visit the pelicans for a second time. Eventually the fat guy finished talking on the minutiae of restaurant book-keeping, on how to keep frying oil going for a week, on the deplorable restaurant habits of Outposters and even more trite stuff, so we all left.

At the end of the ninety minute ordeal of silence, we had got addressed only by Antonia and one of Jod's colleagues wondering whether we wanted coffee or watermelon.

So, to all you Outposters who, in these three years, have invited us only to immediately forget about us:

Curse you, curse you antisocial and complex-ridden gits.
Curse you for not knowing how to treat a guest, for not caring how to make someone feel comfortable and welcome.
Curse you for making Asperger's patients feel warm, engaging and sociable in comparison.
Curse you for profusely advertising the warmth and hospitality of your people, inept sociopaths interested only in your own folks.
Curse you for inviting us all the way to Big Resort, to a bar, to your place for dinner only to abandon us in the midst of food, drinks or even leftovers, making us feel redundant and miserable. It was not the first and it was not the last time you do this to us and others, so curse you.

Funny that all this followed A+'s party last night, a grand and wonderful success, as A+'s parties always are.


Blogger sissoula said...

Leave it to a child, or an animal, to be the saving grace (at least there was one) in an otherwise awful, humiliating, infuriating (and all too common) experience.

Next time, you can tell them what to do with their spurious invitation, and their phony friendship.

19/6/05 09:25  
Blogger The Passenger said...

Loxias, be rest assured, outposters can be total wankers with people of their own kind as well.

The fish restaurant thing you mentioned-I've been there and it was as ugly as you described it.Which is why I absolutely loathe social gatherings of this sort and I avoid them as much as I can.Haven't been to anything of the sort for ages.

You know I really think I should get to know you personally to have a loooong chat about your adventures here.Be rest assured, your frustrations often-if not always-mirror my own.

21/6/05 01:33  
Blogger The Passenger said...

Rather, make that a loooong chat to find out if there is any hope for us to become better people :)

21/6/05 01:44  
Blogger Loxias said...

become better people

In principle, helping people become "better people" is part of my job description...


21/6/05 14:24  

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