Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sex and God

I invite you to look at this and this essay on Christians and sex, detected via Attu's über-popular blog.

The sheer comical value of these writings is undeniable. I still have my suspicions that they were produced by the team who bring us The Onion. So, it was inevitable for me to laugh quite a bit having read them. Then I sobered up.

Maybe what I will say is utterly commonplace, but I think that ideas like those sampled above represent something far more sinister than just instructions for a bigoted public that is unable to make decisions for themselves. They are underpinned by the idea that all forms of permissible behaviour, and those only, can be found in the Bible, including details of the most intimate nature (e.g. what the outcome of particular practices must be, to put it coyly). It doesn't take a non-Protestant to see how warped and dangerous this is: it corroborates the fateful conviction that anything that cannot be traced within the biblical canon is out, even if supported by common sense, morality or what other faculties humans have to guide and sustain us. In other words, group A, supporting oral sex because it is (dubiously) literally founded on the Bible, is worse than group B, who reject the said practice on the grounds of what have you, crucially exercising some free will.

Of course, I personally think that group C, not believing Godhead to be concerned about regulating minutiae of survival and human fulfillment, to be even more soundly oriented -- either because no God exists or because God is taken transcendentally and, generally, seriously.


Blogger moira said...

"Overcoming Masturbation": a mormon pamphlet. Less funny: An article on the "well-oiled anti-masturbation campaign of the Mormons." Be sure to check out the homophobic treatments.

24/3/05 05:31  
Blogger Loxias said...

Thank you Moira, this is chilling stuff people should learn about.

And I thought the 19th century Jesuits were nasty...

24/3/05 10:48  
Blogger moira said...

Well, the article was obviously slanted, and I haven't read about the treatments or the suit elsewhere, but the attitude towards sex, masturbation, and homosexuality is dead on. Your immortal soul is in peril if your thoughts stray towards those "immoral" things. You can imagine the complexes people end up with. And that's just the obvious stuff.

25/3/05 05:30  

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