Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lemons are just lemons and coffee is different, too

Cheers ( ='thanks') to Allotrios' haiku for this post's title.

I am treating myself to a hot mock choco cappuccino, one of those impossible to froth mixtures they sell in big tins, ready to mix with hot water. I know that, as a dedicated coffee lover, I should refrain from such abominations. Still, I treat myself to and enjoy them as an adult person's caffeine-enhanced Ovomaltine, not real coffee. Not to mention that soon the weather will be too hot for these, and many other, little pleasures.


Blogger Allotrios said...

To be added, that in my outpost an individual lemon (imported from god knows where) costs about a Euro.

(and ...
coffee, do not get me started on that...)

16/3/05 18:12  
Blogger sissoula said...

I just couldn’t believe it, so I googled Ovomaltine. First I found out that that’s what they call it in continental Europe. (In my village, we called it Ovaltine.) Then I read that Ovomaltine was exported to Britain in 1909 and renamed Ovaltine. So, the question is… just how old are these not real coffee products you’ve been purchasing/drinking in the Outpost? Always check the exp date.

Or maybe you'd like some tea with your lemon(s).

18/3/05 08:01  

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