Friday, March 25, 2005

The last word on lemons

Steph got it right: we went to Amir-am-M's place for lunch and to see their pictures from a recent trip to Jordan. Although there are only three lemon trees in their garden, they have already made lemonade to last them until next winter, they treated us to a bagful of lemons, and the impertinent trees are still half full.

Otherwise, today was a day of parading to the sound of drums. Not just the army, but school children, too. Nicely regimented militaristic customs, traditions imported from Compatridia (themselves dating from its own fascist dictatorship of the 30s, I think), as the Evil Empire was interested in subtler forms of control.

So, enough about lemons.


Blogger Rakasha said...

Naah, militarism in the form of Compatrido school parades goes back to the defeat in the war of 1897 - the first one dates from 1899. Moreover, such concepts, deriving from German educational procedures, were becoming increasingly popular after the Germans beat the French in 1870...

U sure these are not Durrell's bitter lemons? :P

26/3/05 00:41  

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