Wednesday, March 30, 2005

From 44 to 2046

I read this powerful post, once more by Francis Strand. It has everything: missed connections to loved ones, "stretches of open water held impossibly still by the ice so that the reflection is nearly flawless of the sky", a refutation of naively optimistic takes on life (always enjoyable), transport-induced impatience, elementary Finnish for foreigners, moments of odium towards the hospitable but foreign land (also considering that, unlike some other characters, he has ''a high opinion of Swedes"), birthday blues. Regarding the last one, yes, 44 is a great age: happy birthday (belatedly), anyway.

After a long wait I finally saw Wong Kar Wai's 2046 last night. I initially loved it (it is visually enticing) but, overall, I don't think I have anything coherent to say about it.


Blogger Francis S. said...

Thanks, Loxias. It ended up being a damn good birthday as birthdays go: My conflicting desires were met of wanting to not be reminded of the day while at the same time wanting some serious birthday attention.

31/3/05 15:21  

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