Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Charity begins in the street

People are rather charity-conscious in the Outpost (unlike Compatrido pachyderms, who have only recently discovered similar notions). On rainless days (i.e. usually), when traffic lights turn red, people in caps and T-shirts, raffle tickets in hand, leave the pavement corners and balance their way between the rows of waiting cars asking for contributions. The old-fashioned pedestrian-oriented version is simply not found here: only immigrants walk.


Blogger Allotrios said...

It must be a defining feature of outposts (I think I have mentioned that I live at the generator of outposts, the 'outpost of outposts')

outpost: "a place where only immigrants walk."

(should we make this an addition to:

30/3/05 22:23  

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