Sunday, February 20, 2005


Still musing over the pictures and the nature of war.

Otherwise, I today took a long trek in the one local park with W Boson. Interesting and refreshing discussion. Then coffee and cakes in our balcony (the day was sunny and warm).

I am itching to discuss Outpost politics (NewYorker calls it 'The Way of the Ostrich'*) here, but I have a talent in getting myself misunderstood when discussing this topic. Actually, I anonymously commented on it in someone else's blog, and an Outposter appeared from nowhere, chiding me passive-aggressively to the effect that I am not familiar with Outpost realities. Haha! If only he knew. The comforts of anonymity.

Beauty: I discovered Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 30, with Pollini. Lord, it is enchanting.

What else? Ah, someone got Jod on the phone, wrong number. He actually apologised. Twice. The first wrong number in three years not to immediately slam the receiver down on us. Jod texted him to acknowledge his courtesy and he kindly rang back to express his appreciation. Stupendous.

* Ostriches are occasionally violent, cumbersome, flightless birds. When in distress or needing to hide, they bury their head in a hole in the ground, believing nobody can see them (or what they have to hide).


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