Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Three distractions

First, you may take the coffee quiz.
My results:

You a cappuccino, sipped in the afternoon, after sex.
You are a cappuccino, sipped in the afternoon,after sex.

Then, you could take a look at this baffling optical illusion.

Finally, here is a picture of Gizmo the Cat:



Blogger dystropoppygus said...

Greetings from a double espresso at three AM, which is actually very accurate (I mean, I do have double espresso's at 3AM). So, I'm off to present my PhD-holding cats to the world.

1/2/05 10:57  
Blogger theGoose said...


"You are a cappuccino, sipped in the afternoon, after sex. You are not trendy; you set trends for others. You wear black or nothing, and your playlist alternates Mahler with bands no one else has heard of. You read Rimbaud in public places, and you have a vintage poster for La Dolce Vita hanging over your bed. You pepper your conversation with quotes from obscure Jacobean revenge tragedies, and you cackle to yourself when your lovers assume that you are quoting I Love Lucy. Your glasses have designer frames and you do not need them to see."

2/2/05 00:26  

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