Sunday, February 27, 2005

A text message

Here is a text message I received from A+ on 19 October. I am transferring it here to free up space on my mobile:
I am outside the Athena building. Next to me, a truck full of live sheep. What kind of place do we live in?


Blogger sissoula said...

Wouldn't a truck full of dead sheep be much worse? There are much much worse things indeed. Not that I want to fill your head with dark(er) thoughts, especially if you're already feeling (midnight) blue. You were right, by the way, to point out that email indiscretion, but (you've been hanging out with 18-year-olds; they're a case in point) who ever willingly admits his indiscretions, much less apologizes for them?

How's the Giz? Another cat pic would really cheer ME up.

27/2/05 19:17  
Blogger Loxias said...

Well, the last cat photo has just been posted (I don't want this to end up looking like a Singaporean teenager's blog).

In defense of 18-year olds, they usually avoid hiding behind their little finger.

28/2/05 22:31  

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