Monday, February 07, 2005


Today's topic: folk songs, inspired by accounts of a recent risible brouhaha in Greece about 'obscene' folk songs (well, remember, the populace has no manners). As far as I know, Outposters have three folk songs:

a. The first one is about (embezzled? -- I can't tell, I don't speak the lingo) money, naturally;

b. the second is in the local variety of Pig Latin, so even if I spoke the lingo... (there is also a version thereof in SOL: no luck here, either);

c. the third is sung by a woman with a woman's name as her surname and a surname as her name, which roughly goes like this: 'people tell you to comb your hair, but I like you all the same'.

(There is actually a rather sweet fourth one, on waiting for the spring to hang swings on trees...)


Anonymous Savvas said...

Actually there are far far better (and much older) folk songs than the ones you mentioned. Don't take contemporary attempts which pass as "folk songs" as examples of folk music in the Outpost.These are artificial,contrived affairs which share none of the proper Outpost folk songs, some of which date back to the time of the Crusades. Since you don't speak the lingo it would be pointless for me to actually point you to specific titles and stuff. Just take my word for it!

10/3/05 03:45  
Anonymous Savvas said...

Damn! It's late and my previous comment had typos. I meant to say that "they share none of the qualities of proper Outpost folk songs"

10/3/05 03:47  
Blogger Loxias said...

I did not want to reply in haste, so I took my time in order to think about your comment.

First of all, none of the songs I talked about are really "artificial, contrived affairs", they are genuine, although they have been contemporarily exploited ad nauseam and have been vested with a version of 'Outposterness'. Maybe this is because they appeal to the public.

Now, I agree there are more in number but less popular Outpost folk songs. They can be found in books and there are recordings of them. Nevertheless, the (bastardised version of the) ones I mentioned, are the better loved ones, those more or less representing the contemporary Outpost psyche. Which is what I have to deal with on a daily basis, after all.

14/3/05 23:39  

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