Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Am I such an ass?

I'll be brief in my whining over a boring matter:

This morning I received a mass email from someone I don't know replying to a job-related mass email by a colleague. I sympathised with the reply's content (a naughty comparison between the Principality's politicians and donkeys), but I thought that mass mailing can be annoying to others. So I wrote to him that I agree with what he wrote (although, I noticed, we should not demonise donkeys), but that he should not have clicked on 'Reply All' unless he meant all 50 of us to read his comment. I did so politely. He sourly replied he did not mean to hurt anyone's sensitivities (but I hadn't said anything like that), he just thought my colleague's "friends would appreciate the joke".

Outposters are trained since their school years to look for conspiracies and sinister projects directed against them. That is why they first read between the lines and then they read the lines themselves. Which means they get it all wrong.


Blogger helion said...

"...they first read between the lines and then they read the lines themselves"
Nicely put short description of graecosensitivity. Asking for permission to quote you on that one. >:)

25/2/05 23:13  
Blogger Loxias said...

Be my guest...

graecosensitivity, hmmm...

I love your blog -- but you know that.

26/2/05 04:02  

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