Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kill your TV (but can we?)

So, I returned from the Home City and now I am gazing ahead at a Monday with cataclysmically much work to do, deadlines as intimately close as the 15th of January, and so on. Although I was busy while there, the City gave me the equivalent of a breath of fresh air in the musty rooms and halls of my internal life.

What really freaked me out in Compatridia is the television. It seems that there is truly nothing on over there. I mean it. Only a local music channel and the channel run by the Parliament of the Compatridos ever have anything of interest on. The rest overflow with (A- to Z-list) celebrity trivia, even during the news, pointless talent shows (pointless, as they feature no talents whatsoever), extensive commentary on them, 'reality' show muck and that's all. Is that really all? Yes. Although I know people are free to make choices and, yes, there is such a thing as an Off button, the sorry sight of Compatrido television created a sense of quiet but genuine agony in me. Consider what TV is for the poor: the only source of entertainment; for the hard working, maybe the principal source of relief from a long and tedious day. And what they get is, well, that.


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