Tuesday, January 25, 2005


W Boson I had the pleasure to meet last September. He is a true inquiring mind, in the best tradition of Russell and Wittgenstein, a mind of grace and complexity, a gentle and cultivated human being. He also works in the Outpost. He cannot bear the ugliness here, although he thinks places like Athens or New York are beautiful and charming.

Yu is a Russian from Belarus, she has lived in the Outpost for the last five years. She is shocked by the fact that men here seem not to be interested in anything, except (as she put it tonight): hunting, football, cars, money. Not even politics. She went for dinner at an Outposter's, a doctor, who had never heard of the greenhouse effect. When he was told what it was, the doctor was intrigued as the whole thing did not ring a bell.

Finally, here are some (heavily edited) comments by the Passenger, who has allegedly been to more than 100 countries and territories, after he visited last July. I believe they are excessively harsh, but they convey the spirit of the place, even though in a distorted and overly negative manner:

Here is a word of advice: don't go. [...] My first two trips there were done in my teenage years and I remember little other than the beach and a few strolls. [...] [The Outpost is] a complete mish-mash without any character. [The capital city,] as close to the twilight zone as you can possibly get, is really quite horrifyingly ugly with almost nothing to see other than going up to [Landmark] and gazing over at the other side. [...] [I]t is difficult to feel for people who are so rude and unfriendly and also so unashamedly fake in their behaviour. [...] I do not mince my words as you can see. Going to the beach resorts, one is shocked as well. This could be [the Evil Empire] if there were not so much sunshine and eating 'beef and mushroom pie' just proves how sold out this place is. OK, the sea itself, not touched by human hands, is decent and inviting. The only other redeeming feature were the mountains [...]

I'm sure The Beautiful South have a song for the occasion. I don't know which.


Blogger Allotrios said...

. . . the sea itself, not touched by human hands . .

Well, here at the center of Outposts, Outposters, and Outposterisms, the empty center, that is, the black hole, the sea is hidden; it has simply turned into a river.

26/1/05 07:17  

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