Saturday, December 04, 2004

Rock in the Outpost

Just came back from a school band gig, we officially went there to listen to Insomnia, one of the bands in the school where Jod works. The event was hosted in a biggish club but the door person asked us the usual Outpost-style questions "What are you doing here at your age?" No, they were not oversensitive about adults mixing with underage kids: like homosexuality and incest, these are non-notions here. They were just intrusively curious.

Never mind. Behind the door was playing one of the best bands I have ever seen live, a school band called Safe Mode with a 16-year old babyface drummer, who played like a teenage rock dream. He was, quite plainly, amazing. (Besides, have you seen Loxias amassing so much stuff in italics in his blog before? there you are.) Suddenly we were happy to be here, one of those rare, extremely prized moments, inducing a euphorically intense sense of well-being.


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