Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas cards

Today was Christmas card day (yes, you guessed right: lately I try to work as little as possible). I was not at all looking forward to this when I woke up at 6:30 am to the sight of cats acting out Steve Miller Band's 'Joker' as covered by Fat Boy Slim.

Some 18 hours later, Jod and me have completed around 50 Christmas cards, all hand-written, most by yours truly. It was a genuine pleasure and one of those rare delights: I got to think of each friend or member of family individually and fondly (we did not bother with 'I have to write although I could not care less' cards), I followed the lines my own handwriting left behind in wonder, I pondered on distance and the special ties between the addressees and us, I was perplexed at how few addresses I know by heart, I made a point of writing to people I had forgotten to in previous years, I took pride in new names of new friends, I thought of an individual, albeit simple, message for each of them. It was a valuable experience, one of those that Americans call 'enriching' ones. And yes, the ease and carefreeness of e-cards does not compare to this.


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