Monday, November 29, 2004

Post-weekend illness

I am ill today and I have slept like a baby for hours on end. Apart from some really boring dreams (thankfully there have been no hallucinations yet), there was not time or stamina for introspection, monologues or dialogues of any sort. I also missed gym today...

Now, the weekend was quite interesting, here maybe lie the roots of my current unwellness. We were in a conference in a hotel in a popular Outpost summer resort, not the one I have shown you pictures of, a different one. It was a very high-level conference, generously organised, with great people and lots of partying.

This being winter, the resort was eerily empty, but for a lone ice cream van (music playing and all) which was cruising the empty streets, irrationally laid out between hotels, hotel apartments, bars, pubs and restaurants -- almost all closed.

You can see the hotel's poolside shower right below:

As I said, I saw colleagues and friends I had not seen for some time, which was wonderful. One of them, gpY, scolded me for criticising the Outpost too much, she probably takes me to be one of those compatridos I have told you about before. gpY intoned that I should stop criticising and that I should consider that Jod and me used to live in a worse place and to be less affluent (like Judas before that famous deal he struck) before we came here. We should instead embrace the place and its people rather than look for something else, hoping that something else actually exists . gpY does not consider that suffocating feeling that takes us over almost twice daily. But how can you talk about such things when among friends and colleagues enjoying dinner, 'of much superior quality than where you used to be, uh-huh Loxias?' So, my job here (which I cherish), money and good food should silence my heart screaming for the openness (and anonymity), for the acceptance that lives (and people) are unique and, yes, idiosyncratic, for the variety, sophistication, multiplicity, surprises and frustrations of the big city and the Open Society?

Bugger, I talk like a real compatrido now.

(Stop it now. Write the next post.)


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