Monday, November 29, 2004

More coffee matters

So, back to the topic of coffee (this blog is becoming increasingly self-referential): they take their coffee thin here. Moreover they drink canned coffee; actually there are at least three brands of this concoction here. It is consumed chilled. It comes in many varieties: black, white, no sugar, sugar, diabetes and so on; there is even a Blue Mountain variety which I dare not try. I did try some of the other flavours, though. The cans look like abnormally small machine oil ones. The thing tastes like coffee, but less so even than instant coffee; thus the resemblance is remote and reveals something about the brain's perception of taste, rather than the actual coffee quality (or content) of such brews. Curiously, all of them seem to be imported from Singapore and Japan. Need I continue with an elaborate, smart-arse / witty review? No, you get the picture, you are probably already bored. Just a word of advice: coming to the Outpost either try the local variety or make the best of an espresso machine, if you see one. Starbucks is a good solution too.


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