Monday, November 22, 2004

Cold and blood

What happened today? Not much. I gave blood in the morning, lying down in a bed in the middle of an atrium, three floors below a glass pyramid covering it, looking upwards at it and through it, at the snowclouds being simmered by the bitterly chilly winds. Yes, it was a very cold day today, 'with temperatures much lower than the average for this time of the year', as the shabby-looking weatherman said on TV, unprepared for this, caught by surprise on a bad hair, corny tie day. That's why few turned up to donate blood, although the building, where it is also where I work, is frequented by hundreds of people. Maybe the primordial fear against the penetrative chill of the needle. Maybe the 'abnormal cold'. Who knows.

I enjoyed the weather intensely today, but you might have guessed that by now.

What else? Oh yes, a message from my friend E. He is in Canada now. I told you: we will all end up there, eventually.


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