Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Art and bread

It is a cool rainy morning when I am writing this, although I am pretty confident I will be posting it much later today.

Last night we went to a brand new gallery-theatre-exhibitions space, it is a thoroughly renovated old bakery in one of the more charming neighbourhoods of the capital. Our friend the painter CWB, was opening his first exhibition in the Outpost. Interestingly, the exhibition theme is the Home City, as a sort of living landscape seen from above, and its people. I actually think one of the portraits (surreptitiously made in coffee houses) is of my grandfather's, I recognised his Spanish Civil War beret, and some of his features. Anyway. There was a lot of people there, some posh people too, including diplomats. By the way, has anyone noticed that diplomats are intensely visible (only) in various outposts and post-colonial cities? (Probably Graham Greene...) In any case, you would not expect there to be so many of them in an exhibition opening in, say, Paris, would you? or, maybe, they would not make up for such a large proportion of the guests. Anyway.

Most of the people in the opening were interested in the wine, the other guests and the treats (cheese and flour based, Outpost-style). Some actually took the pains to look at the paintings and drawings. Hm, this is what usually happens in such cases, though. Sure, but it was the first time I went to someone I know's exhibition opening, so this time I noticed (and took pictures of) the general loneliness of the artist in such occasions. Not that CWB was not spoken to, oh no. But I would think I would like the crowd to look at the works and talk to CWB about them, too. I am maybe an essentialist (what is this exactly? is it a good thing to be? is it illegal in Tennessee, Kansas and Mississippi?), but I am naive enough to feel that exhibition openings are about the exhibition and exhibitions are about the art exhibited.

At this point, you -- more mondain than me -- would probably suggest that I need to socialise more with those in the higher echelons of society (I did make a good start with the Caretaker's party, remember?). Or, maybe, that I need some sleep right now.


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