Monday, October 25, 2004

Late night thoughts

Having started the blog -- yes, I admit it: inspired by Belle de Jour, although in a marginally different line of business -- I started wondering who I was going to tell. To save you the suspense, I think it is too early to tell my friends, hence to reveal. Nevertheless, I am still true to the title of this blog: I have concealed nothing, either: 'It's all on the Web.'

I would now like to give you a looooong and detailed description of the Outpost. But no, this would be boring. I guess bits and pieces are going to be surfacing as this thing develops, over time.

To begin with: suppose you are having a discussion with an Outposter. Let's call her A. The other discussant is me. Let's call me B. We disagree on something (this is very easy either if you know me or Outposters, or both). A makes a case for X. B replies to X by means of Y. A pauses; she repeats X. B presents a second rejoinder to X. A is very angry now and tells B he is not familiar with Outpost realities. End of discussion, case closed: time for dessert.


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