Monday, October 25, 2004

Banging someone else's drums

Throughout the last week I could hear the faint thumping of drums beating marches in the air whenever I would pass outside schools. Why? Schoolchildren are to march for the National Holiday parade. They will march to the sound of drums. Does this sound sinister? Not if you are American and you worship flags by reciting incantational allegiances to it. But everybody else can see how militaristic and regimental this is (there is a more accurate term for it but, hey, I live here and my compatridos are no better in this respect, either). Why get schoolchildren to march? Is the idea that they are the last line of defence? Are they to be called to hurl coke bottles at colonial masters once more, if the time comes? Probably. Why at the sound of drums? So that no irregularities in their formations ensue? Here is something to dwell on. And this is how things work in the Outpost...

By the way, we are not sure we are going to the Caretaker's party anymore.


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